Fund Positive Impact Municipal Projects

Municipal finance plays a critical role in building our infrastructure.

Efficient financing enables more productive use of public capital.

The Direct Bond & Loan Platform

Municipal markets should be transparent, inclusive, direct, and cost-effective.

By lowering costs and removing barriers from municipal finance, we can expand market access and make it easier for community banks and credit unions to directly engage with their state and local governments to fund positive impact municipal projects.

The Alpha Model

On our platform, Issuers and Investors have direct and equal access to participate.
Transparency benefits all.


Benefits for Issuers, Municipal Advisors, Banks, and Qualified Investors

  • View primary offerings and secondary market activity
  • Originate and participate in new issue municipal bonds/loans, with no size constraints
  • Digitize and trade existing loan and bond assets through our broker-dealer
  • Enhance community engagement
  • Expanded bidder pool may increase competitiveness of rates, potentially reducing issuer borrowing costs

Shape the Future

Join the Platform

A cross-section of stakeholders from the municipal finance ecosystem are partnering with Alpha Ledger.


A digital transformation is underway

  • Be ahead of the curve for evolving systems architecture
  • Gain immediate cost savings and flexibility
  • Influence platform design and new market standards

Reduce costs and manage risks

  • Open, competitive bidding in primary and secondary markets
  • Cost reduction through direct trading and issuance
  • Enhance balance sheet risk management through secondary market

Minimal impact to existing protocols

  • Use existing clearing and settlement systems
  • Broad participation of stakeholders throughout the ecosystem

Experience the modern market

  • Digitized assets enable visible, single record
  • Highly secure technology
  • Robust data and analytics

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