Advancing Fixed Income Markets with Blockchain Infrastructure.

Alphaledger provides blockchain infrastructure for securely recording, storing, and accessing information over the full lifecycle of fixed income assets.

Full on-chain bond lifecycle on permissioned-blockchain will reshape the industry and… will happen faster than you think.

Expanded Access to Bonds.

Participate in new issue municipal bonds with no size constraints.


A Sustainable Funding System.

Enhance community engagement throughout the ecosystem.


Transparency Benefits All.

We connect investors directly to issuers for a superior market experience.

Invest in U.S. Infrastructure at Origination.

A cross-section of stakeholders from the municipal finance ecosystem are partnering with Alphaledger.


Join us. Shape the future.

How the Alpha Model Works

We believe that a direct, regulated, integrated, and transparent marketplace will catalyze a new era of progress in municipal finance.


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